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ABC Sepsis Trial

The ABC Sepsis Trial begins recruitment this month (June 2021) at the Royal Edinburgh Infirmary.

The trial is investigating the feasibility of 5% albumin compared with balanced crystalloid, as intravenous fluid resuscitation in adult patients with sepsis, presenting as an emergency to hospital.


Human albumin Solution (HAS) is a potentially ideal resuscitation fluid for sepsis but current evidence for HAS is promising but inconclusive. Previous trials and meta analysis show that HAS may have the potential to benefit in sepsis but these relate to critical care management and beyond the initial resuscitation period.

Specific Aims of the Trial

1) To investigate the feasibility of being able to recruit adults with community aquired sepsis and a national Early Warning Score of  >5 in the emergency department.

2) To investigate the comparative effectiveness, by determining 30-day mortality of intravenous 5% human albumin compared with intravenous balanced crystalloid in the early resuscitation phase of management of adults with community acquired sepsis.

Design, Setting and Inclusion Criteria

  • Open label two-arm, multicentre, pragmatic, parallel group randomised trial
  • Recruitment in the emergency dept, medical or surgical assessment unit
  • 15 UK hospitals, 300 participants
  • Adults meeting all four inclusion criteria,
  • Infection resulting in principal reason for acute illness
  • NEWS score >5
  • Hospital presentation within last 12 hours.

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