Usher Institute

Usher Building at Edinburgh BioQuarter

A new Usher Building on the BioQuarter campus is under construction.

This new building will co-locate the Usher Institute with a community of partners from the public, private and third sectors - including small and medium-sized enterprises and health and care providers - working on the shared purpose of developing data-enabled solutions to benefit health and wellbeing.


Concept art of new Usher building
With our Usher Building due to open in 2024, developments are progressing well to create a welcoming new space for focus, collaboration and engagement.

Great New Spaces

Great New Spaces infographic 900x400
Highlights of the exciting new spaces offering insights into the opportunities to work and collaborate in new and innovative ways.

Floor plans

ground floor plan
Floor plans for the Usher Building show key shared and social spaces as well as locations of all neighbourhoods.

Location and Community

Aerial view over Usher's new building location and community area
Situated within an engaged and innovative community, relocation opportunities are available for our partners.

News and Updates

News and updates regarding the Usher Building.

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