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About our study

Background to this study, details of what this study entails and who leads it.


Asthma self-management with an action plan leads to better day to day control of asthma symptoms, less time off work or school and also reduces the risk of an asthma attack.

What we know

From our previous study, we know that patients want an intelligent system to capture their peak flows, environmental factors and asthma symptoms without having to actively enter these data themselves.  They also real-time advice to support their self-management decisions.

Emerging technologies, such as smart inhalers, and smart gadgets that connect to the internet to auto collect and transfer data, can support you to manage your asthma. When these emerging technologies work together to help people to manage asthma, we called them ‘connected asthma’ systems.

This study

We want to explore how patients and their clinicians use and adopt a ‘connected asthma’ app in a real life setting.

We want to recruit 10 people with asthma to try out our prototype app for a month and take part in one-hour interviews before and after the trial. 

We want to observe your usage pattern, collect feedback and refine an intelligent system to fulfil those needs.

The interviews will be arranged by phone or video-call (unless the coronavirus social distancing restrictions have been lifted) at a time that is convenient to you.

We will provide the smart devices and app for you to use.

For full details: please read our patient information sheet:

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