Student Systems

Applicant view of scholarship application process

Presents a view of how applicants interact with the scholarship application portal

Most of our scholarships are available to applicants, however we have a small number available to current students. The apply link is presented within the Applicant Hub for applicants and in student self-service for current students.  

Please be aware, current students must access the scholarship application via the Applicant Hub to apply for a Scholarship that is available to applicants only.

Scholarship Application Form

The application form link is available to applicants/students who have a current non-Visiting programme application/programme registration. 

The link will only be displayed if the user meets certain conditions:


The Apply link will only appear where the user has an admissions application for the current application cycle.

  • must have an admissions application with status starting ‘A’
  • not have started the registration process,  if the user has started the registration process then they will need to apply for funding as a student on programme to a scholarship available to current students.
  • Not rejected
  • Not declined


Student self Service:

The Apply link will only appear where the student’s programme has a status of Current, and the expected end date is after 01 August of the current academic year.


Applicant/Student guidance

Guidance pages have been provided to students and applicants regarding the application process.

View the applying for a scholarship guidance provided to applicants and students:


 Occasionally applicants have difficulty finding the apply link, in such cases there are normally 2 scenarios to follow which can resolve this:

  • Check whether Current student  or applicant and whether using the appropriate portal to apply.
  • Request that they clear browser cache before logging into Euclid.