From Russia with love

Triplets from Russia have completed a semester at the University of Edinburgh.

Olga Zueva and her brothers, Sergey and Alexander Zuev

Olga Zueva and her brothers, Sergey and Alexander Zuev (20), studied identical subjects at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Active members of the Edinburgh University Trading & Investment Club, the threesome enjoyed a lively semester, making friends from all over the world.

Collective decision

When choosing where to study abroad, the triplets’ decision to study in Edinburgh was unanimous.

Having completed a year studying in Paris, they were keen to travel further and experience the higher education system in the UK.

As well as being impressed by the Business School, they fell in love with the charm of the old town - especially views of the castle.

People have often commented on how unusual it is to have triplets studying the same courses, but it has been great. We can support each other with our studies or if we miss home. It also makes us work harder as we are quite competitive!
Olga ZuevaUniversity student

Sunny Scotland

Originally from Moscow, the triplets also study together in the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

Having been warned about Scotland’s climate, the siblings were pleasantly surprised by the sunny and relatively warm weather in Edinburgh this autumn.

The Zuev family are looking forward to returning home for a family Christmas, but are keen to return to Edinburgh one day.

Edinburgh and Russia

With almost 100 students currently enrolled at the University, Edinburgh is one of the top 10 destinations for Russian students choosing to study in the UK.

The University's Princess Dashkova Russian Centre is the best-equipped centre for the study of Russia in the UK.

Russian students who choose Edinburgh are following in the footsteps of figures such as Igor Tamm, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1958, who studied in Edinburgh before the First World War.

The University’s association with Russia dates back to the start of the 18th Century when Dr Robert Erskine, an Edinburgh alumnus, was appointed Chief Physician to Peter the Great and President of the Medical Chancery.