Supporting our students

The University's Personal Tutor system is now up and running as part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the student experience.

A student talks to a tutor

The initiative strives to offer students a complete package of academic and pastoral support to ensure that they are well equipped to get the most out of their time at the University - across all aspects of student activity.

Two-way process

The Personal Tutor system formalises two-way contact between tutor and tutee to maximise students’ academic and non-academic performance throughout their University career and beyond.

Students are encouraged to take more responsibility for their learning with the benefits that they will:

  • become more confident learners
  • play an active part in the academic community
  • meet the challenges and opportunities of University life.

Personal Tutors will work with tutees individually and in groups to help them develop the graduate attributes that can contribute to their longer-term goals.

The Personal Tutor system replaces the previous Director of Studies (DoS) system.


Andrew Burnie, EUSA Vice President Academic Affairs talks about the Personal Tutor system.

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Enhancing student support

The Personal Tutor system is part of the University’s three-year phased Enhancing Student Support initiative.

Supported by around £4 million investment, the initiative is delivering a range of projects and strategies designed to place students at the centre of their learning.

This initiative provides students with a 21st-century student-support infrastructure; online digital tools to enable greater engagement; and ownership of their student experience.
Professor Ian PirieAssistant Principal Learning and Development

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