Investment in animal health research

The University has been awarded £10 million to support its research into improving animal health.

The funding, awarded by the Scottish Government, will support the development of an international livestock improvement centre at The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh.

By investing in our research and development capacity, we will help sustain and improve Scotland’s livestock industry while leading efforts to relieve poverty in developing countries. It will position Scotland at the forefront of animal science research across the globe.
Michael RussellScottish Cabinet Secretary for Education

The Roslin Institute

The Roslin Institute, sited at the University's Easter Bush Campus, conducts world-leading research into animal health.

Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, was born at Roslin in 1996.

The Roslin Institute’s expertise includes research aimed at improving the health and welfare of livestock animals and the sustainability of the livestock sector.

Scientists at the institute address issues from reproduction and fertility to the threats of diseases such as avian flu and tuberculosis.

Its researchers also place a strong emphasis on comparative medicine where research can be applied to improve both animal and human health.

The support from the Scottish Government provides a wonderful opportunity for the University to enhance its research excellence in animal biosciences and food security. This additional resource on the Easter Bush Campus will allow the Roslin Institute to continue to provide solutions to global challenges within the livestock industry.
Professor Sir Timothy O'SheaPrincipal, University of Edinburgh

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