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The Global Conversation

The Global Conversation is a series of interviews with academics, activists and practitioners whose work is directly concerned with issues of global justice and international development.

global conversation

Episode One: The Global Conversation with Duncan Green

Duncan Green is a Senior Strategy Advisor for Oxfam UK and author of "From Poverty to Power". This global conversation asks how social or political activists become international development professionals and how they keep their moral compass.

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Episode Two: The Global Conversation with Louise Chappell

Louise Chappell is a Professor in the School of Social Sciences and a Member of the Australian Human Rights Centre, University of New South Wales, where she is currently writing about gender justice and the International Criminal Court. This global conversation explores the role of women’s movements in the history of International Criminal Court and examines the court’s ability to address issues of gender and sexual violence.

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Episode Three: The Global Conversation with Jean Pierre Olivier de Sardan

Jean Pierre Olivier de Sardan is Professor of Anthropology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. Over the past 25 years his research in Niger, West Africa has made a major contribution to the anthropology of international development and 'post-development theory'. This interview explores the contribution of qualitative social science research for policy and public action in Africa, ranging from the challenges of corruption to the provision of health care.

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Episode Four: The Global Conversation with Thomas Pogge

Thomas Pogge is the Director of the Global Justice Programme and Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at at University. This interview explores Pogge's contribution to Just War theory, and his perspectives on political oppression, war and poverty.

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