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Dr Chris Derry

Dr Derry is a Consultant Neurologist working at the departments of Clinical Neurosciences and Sleep Medicine. He is also an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer and NHS Research Fellow at the University.

Dr Chris Derry

Consultant Neurologist

  • Sleep Research Unit

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Department of Sleep Medicine
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

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Dr Derry is a Consultant Neurologist based in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences and the Department of Sleep Medicine at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. He is also Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer and NHS Research Fellow at the University.

Dr Derry graduated in medicine from the University of London and undertook clinical training in neurology in London, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. He completed subspecialist training in all aspects of sleep medicine and epilepsy during a five year clinical research fellowship at Austin Hospital and the University of Melbourne, Australia.

During this fellowship he completed his PhD entitled “Frontal Lobe Epilepsy, Sleep and Parasomnias” under the supervision of Professor Sam Berkovic and Professor John Duncan. In this research he studied the clinical, genetic and neurophysiological features of sleep disorders and epilepsy.

Dr Derry was appointed Consultant Neurologist at Edinburgh in 2011 and in addition to his role within the Department of Sleep Medicine, he is one of two epilepsy specialists operating in the Edinburgh and South East Scotland Epilepsy Service. He is actively involved in the general and acute neurology service in NHS Lothian.

Research interests

Dr Derry has clinical and research interests in behavioural disorders of sleep, particularly in sleep-related epilepsies, and in the interactions between sleep disorders and epileptic seizures.

He has authored a number of scientific publications in this area, given various invited lectures at national and international meetings, and has ongoing research studies in progress.

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