University Secretary's Group

Governance and Strategic Planning

Governance and Strategic Planning is responsible for corporate governance including Court and its committees, strategic planning and business intelligence.

Our Governance and Strategic Planning team work in partnership with others right across the University and engage with a range of external organisations, acting as a key point of contact for the Scottish Funding Council and Government agencies. We provide expert advice and guidance, produce insightful strategic analysis, research and commentary; and help to optimise the University's profile and reputation. We manage responses to public consultations and advise on policy to support the Principal and senior team in engagements with ministers and officials. We deliver information, business intelligence and analysis to enhance the University's approach to strategic and annual planning through evidence-based decision-making.


We lead the development of the University's strategic planning framework, and we support Colleges, Schools and Support Groups with their plans, to ensure Strategy 2030 is delivered through cohesive business planning and carefully selected strategic performance measures. Through horizon scanning and awareness of our changing context, we are well-positioned to provide advice and insight internally and to represent the University externally.


We aim to provide a clear, concise and influential voice - underpinned by robust data and analytics - on areas of interest and strategic importance, and we play a lead role in ensuring the continued development of the University's approach to Business Intelligence.


Governance and Strategic Planning