University Secretary's Group

What we do

The University Secretary's Group (USG) is one of three administrative Support Groups in the University. USG exists to provide a wide range of high quality services in support of the University’s academic mission.

This includes:

support to the University’s governance through administrative services for senior management committees including Court;

support to the University's planning processes, including the planning round and University Strategic Plan;

student administration;

scholarships and student funding services;

academic quality assurance;

student recruitment and admissions, both in the UK and overseas;

internal and external communications and public relations

Expertise, projects, policies and processes to support people managers and to  attract, retain and motivate a workforce fully engaged with the University and its strategic goals 

support for development and alumni activity;

support for international students;

records management, freedom of information and data protection issues;

careers advice to matriculated students and recent graduates;

confidential short term counselling to matriculated students;

guidance and support for disabled students;

pastoral care for students and staff regardless of their religious affiliation;

review student and public complaints;

pharmacy open to students, staff and members of the public;

full NHS GP service;

provide support to the Principal and Rector's Offices and the Chancellor (see links below).