University Secretary's Group

Key documents

Information on USG's structure and strategic plan are below.

USG Structure

USG consists of a number of individual departments. The USG management team structure is shown in the organisational chart below, along with organisational charts for the Deputy Secretary Straegic Planning and Deputy Secretary Student Experience.


USG Strategic Plan

In December 2014, the University Secretary's Group (USG) launched a significantly streamlined version of the overall USG strategic plan.

The aim has been to capture the overarching objectives, indicators and targets that cut across our very broad and varied set of responsibilities. It is hoped the plan will give a sense of our overall joint contribution to the work of the University and that staff across USG will be able to see a linkage between what we do and the topline objectives and indicators set out here. This was updated in 2017 to reflect the Vision and Mission in the University's Strategic Plan 2016. 

The USG Strategic Plan is linked below.