Tuition fees

Fees for taught masters 2023-2024

Tuition fees for full-time and part-time postgraduate taught degrees in 2023-2024.

For students whose studies commenced in 2022-23 or earlier, tuition fees will increase each year. You should take this annual tuition fee increase into consideration when you estimate your fees for a degree.

From 2023-24 the majority of tuition fees for new entrants will be fixed for the duration of their programme. If you joined us from August 2023 onwards and you are studying for a degree or qualification that will take more than one year to complete, the fee charged will be fixed at the level charged on the year of entry.

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Programme nameProgramme CodeSchoolScotlandRest of UKInternational/EUOnline Distance LearningAdditional Programme Costs
Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management (MSc) (Full-time)PTMSCEOBGM1FSchool of Geosciences£16,100.00£16,100.00£32,000.00
Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management (MSc) - 2 Years (Part-time)PTMSCEOBGM1PSchool of Geosciences£8,050.00£8,050.00£16,000.00
Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management (MSc) - 3 Years (Part-time)PTMSCEOBGM2PSchool of Geosciences£5,370.00£5,370.00£10,670.00