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Travelling to the Easter Bush Campus by Tripshare

The University of Edinburgh operates a private Tripshare scheme to match individuals with others wanting to travel in the same direction so they can share the journey and the costs.

What is Tripshare?

Tripsharing is when two or more people share a car journey together.

Car Tripsharers can pool their cars and alternate between them or regularly use a single vehicle with everyone contributing to the costs.

Tripshare has been created so that you may actively search for other people who are making similar journeys at similar times.

The University operates the scheme so that staff and students can search for potential matches within the University community.

Registering and using the scheme is really easy and within minutes you will be able to search for potential tripsharers.

Tripshare cost savings!

Motorists who share their daily journey with just one other person are saving an average of £1000 a year in fuel costs and wear and tear! Sign up to Tripshare today!

University of Edinburgh's Tripshare Scheme

What journeys can I share?

Tripshare's system can be used to access local journeys within Edinburgh, as well as journeys throughout Scotland and the UK.

The University of Edinburgh's Tripshare scheme

The University of Edinburgh operates a private scheme within TripshareEdinburgh so that staff and students can search for potential matches within the University community to share their car trip.

What are the benefits of joining the scheme?

  • It saves you money - sharing your journey with one other person will half your costs.
  • It reduces your carbon footprint - cars have a substantially higher carbon footprint compared to walking, cycling and public transport. If alternatives to car travel are not available to you then opting to share your journey with one other person will half your carbon footprint.
  • You can look forward to a more relaxed journey - Tripsharing means that if you choose to, you can share the responsibility for driving, or if you don't have access to a car you can look forward to always being the passenger!
  • Tripsharing helps to reduce traffic congestion, pollution and parking problems in and around the city.

How do I register for the scheme?

You can register for the University's Tripshare scheme on the website.

The registration process asks for your full name, email address, telephone number and home postcode amongst other things, but please be assured that this is just for security reasons and that we are registered with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Tripshare system works using a very neutral process of identification through a simple 'nick name', no further personal information is shared without our members' prior consent.

Registering your journey

Once you have registered with Tripshare you then need to register the journey you want to share. This is done by clicking on "My Journeys" in the menu on the left hand side of the screen within Tripshare.

In order to register your journey to the University, you will need to enter the postcode of the Campus you wish to travel to. Postcode information is available from the University Campus Maps.

Forming a BUDi Group

A BUDi Group is a group of people who are registered as sharing a journey within the Tripshare scheme.

Searching for car share partners

The whole purpose of the Tripshare Scheme is to assist you in finding colleagues who are making similar journeys to you who want to share them. Searching for colleagues is very simple. The Tripshare website provides you with all the help you need to do this.

Emergency Ride Home Scheme

In the event of an emergency during the working day a registered Tripsharer may take advantage of the "Emergency Ride Home" scheme.

Simply use public transport or a taxi to your home destination, obtain a receipt for the fare, and reclaim it later using the emergency ride home claim form.

Please read the terms and conditions before making a claim.