Transport & Parking

On foot

The Central Area is located on the south side of the city centre, within easy walking distance of the city's main transport hubs.

The Central Area is home to fantastic architecture, history and green space and very amenable for walking around.

It takes approximately five to fifteen minutes to walk from Edinburgh Waverley Train Station to the Central Area, depending on your destination, and you could burn at least 60 calories!

Plan your walking journey

To plan a walking journey, you can use the journey planner. This journey planner will tell you:

  • The best route to walk
  • Approximately how long the walk will take
  • The distance of the walk

To use the journey planner, all you need to do is enter the name of your origin and destination.

The Central Area of the University covers a large expanse. To find the postcode of your desired destination, please refer to Campus maps.

If you require more details of your origin or destination at the University, the University's campus maps provide details of all University buildings.

Campus maps