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Lothian Buses Service 41 Pilot

From 13th March - 7th April 2017 students and staff will be able to use Lothian Buses Service 41 to travel between Central Area and King's Buildings for free. This is a pilot to test the use of a public bus service to provide much-needed extra capacity for the Shuttle Bus Service.

Feedback Survey

Lothian Buses Service 41 Pilot - Feedback Survey

If you have used Service 41 and / or the Shuttle Bus service during the pilot, we invite you to provide your feedback via the survey no later than Friday 14th April 2017.

The Central Area to King's Buildings Shuttle Service exists to provide inter-site travel for students and staff to meet the academic timetable or business requirements. The service is extremely busy through most of the day, with passengers frequently left behind at Potterrow or King's Buildings. The University is committed to ensuring students and staff can travel between the sites during the core inter-site travel period of 10am-4.30pm. To provide additional capacity during these times, the University has partnered with Lothian Buses to allow students and staff to use the pre-existing Service 41 for free. The cost of providing free access to Service 41 will be covered by the University. Students and staff will be able to provide their feedback on the pilot via an online survey.

How it works
  • The trial will run from Monday to Friday, 13th March to 7th April 2017.
  • Students and staff will be able to board Service 41 at the Potterrow Bus Stop and the King's Buildings Bus Stop without paying a fare by showing their student or staff card to the driver.
  • The first Service 41 from Potterrow that may be accessed for free will be the 10.06 departure for King's Buildings, and the last service will be the 16.20.
  • The first Service 41 from King's Buildings that may be accessed for free will be the 10.01 departure for Potterrow, and the last service will be the 16.31.
  • At all other times students and staff will have to pay the normal Lothian Buses Fare to use Service 41.
  • At other bus stops on the Service 41 route students and staff will have to pay the normal Lothian Buses Fare.
  • Lothian Buses Service 41 Timetable
  • The Shuttle Service will continue to operate as normal.
  • Students and staff are reminded that there is a Priority Permit System in operation for those who have an urgent requirement (for academic or business reasons) to travel between the sites. The Permit provides priority access to the Shuttle Bus.
  • Staff should note that they do not have automatic priority over students to use the shuttle service. Staff may also apply for a Priority Permit.
  • How to apply for a Priority Permit
Provide your feedback

During the pilot we are asking student and staff shuttle bus and Service 41 users to provide the University with feedback via an online survey.

Complete the online feedback survey

Bus stop queuing

Student feedback has indicated that improvements need to be made to the bus stop environment to encourage queuing and reduce the stress of waiting for bus services. Temporary improvements to the bus stops will be introduced from 13th March and user feedback will be encouraged to help the University introduce effective and permanent improvements.


The online feedback survey, together with passenger data for the Shuttle Bus and Service 41 will be analysed to understand the effect of the trial and its suitability to be introduced for academic year 2017-18.

Background to the pilot

In response to student feedback the University is considering options to improve the experience of using bus services to access University sites. Student feedback has been clear:

  • The cost of using public bus services to commute from semester-time residences to the University is considered to be expensive.
  • The existing shuttle service between King's Buildings and Central Area is not accommodating all passengers, causing difficulties for students and staff who need to travel between the sites for academic / business requirements.

The University is liaising with Lothian Buses and Transport for Edinburgh to work towards introducing more student friendly ticketing products. This has already led to the introduction of a 9 month Student Ridacard (to reflect the academic year) from September 2016. New ticketing technology being introduced by Lothian Buses in the next 1-2 years presents further opportunities to introduce more flexible student products.

Alternative travel options

Students and staff are reminded that there are alternative ways to travel between Central Area and King's Buildings.