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Central Area to the King's Buildings Shuttle Bus

The University provides a free shuttle bus service for staff and students to travel between the Central Area and the King's Buildings to meet their academic timetable.

Service Improvements for 2017-18

These service improvements have been introduced following the evaluation of the Service 41 Pilot during March 2017.

New Timetable

There is a new shuttle bus timetable for 2017-18. This provides a new service from Central Area to King's Buildings at 09:53 and a consistent, easier to remember 20 minute frequency timetable during the day. Scroll down for details.

New bus stops

The Central Area bus stop has changed to Bristo Square, next to the student centre. This bus stop provides more space to wait for the bus and when the Bristo Square redevelopment is fully complete, there will be seating and a bus shelter. The King's Buildings bus stop has been upgraded with a large bus shelter.

Evening £1 fare on Service 41

To assist with travel requirements between Central Area and King's Buildings on weekday evenings students and staff can travel for £1 on Service 41. Terms and conditions apply.

Timetable 2017-18

The shuttle bus will operate Monday-Friday between the following dates:

  • Monday 11th September - Friday 22nd December 2017
  • Monday 15th January - Friday 6th April 2018
  • Monday 23rd April - Friday 25th May 2018

The service does NOT run during the Winter, Spring or Summer vacation.

The bus picks up and drops off in Central Area and King's Buildings ONLY.

The service is for students and staff only. A University Student or Staff Card must be produced to the driver when boarding. Access will be denied if a valid University card cannot be provided.

Bristo Square to King's Buildings
Bristo Sq 0818 0836 0838 0918 0953 1013 1033 53 13 33 then every 20 1533 1558 1628 1708 1738 1808
King's Buildings 0832 0848 0852 0932 1007 1027 1047 07 27 47 mins until 1547 1612 1642 1722 1752 1822
King's Buildings to Bristo Square
King's Buildings 0835 0905 0935 1015 1035 1055 15 35 55 then every 20 1655 1725 1755 1825
Bristo Sq 0846 0916 0946 1026 1046 1106 26 46 06 mins until 1706 1736 1806 1836

Pick up points

  • Central Area: Bristo Square bus stop next to the Potterrow Student Centre (bus stop number 36238547).
  • King's Buildings: The bus stop at the roundabout next to the Roger Land Building (bus stop number 36245896).

Drop off points

  • Central Area: The bus stop on Chapel Street, Opposite the Pear Tree Pub.
  • Central Area: The bus stop next to the Student Centre at Bristo Square.
  • King's Buildings: the roundabout at the Roger Land Building.

Priority Permits

The Shuttle Service is provided for students and staff who need to travel rapidly between Central Area and King's Buildings to meet their academic timetable.

The shuttle service is very busy at the start and end of the day, and at lunchtimes. There is no guarantee that the service will be able to pick up all waiting passengers.

Staff may board the service ahead of students by showing their staff card. Students who are required to make essential study related journeys between the Central Area and King's Buildings within a tight deadline may apply for a priority permit. This entitles permit holders priority over and above other students.

The first 10 seats of the shuttle bus must be left free for staff and priority permit holders until departure. A Priority Permit application form should be completed and authorised by your Personal Tutor.

Evening and weekend bus travel

The shuttle bus does not operate in the evenings and at weekends but plenty of public bus services do, connecting the King’s Buildings with destinations across Edinburgh. During the evenings in semester time students and staff can travel for £1 on Service 41.

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