Transport & Parking


The University has a Transport and Travel Planning Policy and a Vehicle Policy.

Transport and Travel Planning Policy (2010)

The University of Edinburgh Transport and Travel Planning Policy (2010) supersedes the Integrated Travel Policy which was in place since 2000.

The renewed policy places an emphasis on the reduction of carbon emissions from staff, student and visitor commuter and business travel. It stresses the commitment of the University to continuing to develop and implement innovative travel plans, and the emphasis the University now places on supporting active forms of travel. The policy also includes objectives to improve fleet management, through reducing operational risk, improving environmental performance and cutting costs.

Vehicle Policy (2007)

This policy aims to reduce legal, health and safety and financial liability and to control costs of managing University vehicles. The objective is to provide a framework for management of all vehicles used within the University, whether owned or leased and whether procured with Funding / Research Council or any other funds.

University Vehicle and Driver Handbook

The Vehicle and Driver Handbook is primarily intended to ensure that all persons using University vehicles are aware of their legal obligations, the rules governing use of University vehicles and their responsibility towards other road users.