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Tripshare - Driving down the cost

Did you know that fuel prices are up 15% on this time last year and it costs over £20 more to fill a family car than it did just two years ago?

This is undoubtedly one of the many reasons why the University has seen an increase in the popularity of Tripshare, the University’s car-sharing scheme.

What is Tripshare

Tripshare is a private internet-based scheme to match individuals who want to travel in the same direction at the same time. Staff and students may actively search for other people within the University to share their journey and costs.

Tripshare can be used for local journeys, as well as journeys throughout Scotland and the UK.

As well as finding people to car share with, Tripshare can also help you to share journeys by taxi, walking and cycling.

Happy sharing, happy saving!

Car-sharing is becoming a mainstream and cost effective way of getting around. For example, petrol could cost as little as 32p per litre if you car share with three other people.

Why not save yourself and your colleagues hundreds of pounds a year by registering with the University’s Tripshare scheme?

Before I started car-sharing, I was filling up every five days. Now it's every fortnight. I'm saving about £1,250 a year, which will only increase as petrol prices go up.

Katie W

Registering with Tripshare

Registering and using the scheme is really easy and you don’t even need to own a car. The University’s Tripshare scheme allows you to search for a lift, or to offer a lift, or to do either. Within minutes of registering, you will be able to search for potential matches with over 800 University Tripshare members.

If you're not sharing yet, or still have some empty seats to fill, just take two minutes to check your car-share account and see who else is going your way.

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