Transport & Parking

City Car Club comes to the University

The University of Edinburgh and the City Car Club have teamed up to provide discounted rates on business and personal membership for staff and students.

The City Car Club owns, maintains and insures a fleet of cars which members can book by the hour, day or longer.

The City Car Club provides a cost effective, short-term, self service car hire service. It is flexible and easy to use and offers an effective way of reducing the University's carbon footprint.

A number of the City Car Club’s 100 cars in Edinburgh are based on or near the University Central Area at Buccleuch Place, Infirmary Street, and Simpsons Loan. With the support of the University the City Car Club will also have a car permanently based at the King's Buildings.

Using the City Car Club is easy, you can register online and once you have registered, all you need to do is book a car, enter your personal PIN number into the in-car computer and then drive!

More details about using City Car Club are available from the Transport and Parking Office website.