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Our biggest cycle store now at Bristo Square

The Transport Office recently opened the new 400 space Bristo Bike Store beneath the Bayes Centre.

Bristo Bike Store

Possibly Scotland’s largest, the new secure bike store is situated in the basement of the Bayes Centre, it can be accessed via Marshall Street using steps and a bike ramp and via the Courtyard beside the Visitor Centre/Bayes Café.

Bristo Bike Store has 400 spaces using a two-tier system, there are also stands for bikes which can’t use the two-tier system such as bikes with child seats or trailers, adapted bikes and tandems. 

Staff and students can also access new shower and changing facilities. The Bayes Centre has also invested in drying machines in both the male and female changing rooms.

In addition to the bike parking there is a new bike maintenance station where cyclists with access to the Store can look after their bikes.

You can now sign up to get access to the Bristo Bike Store: 

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