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City Car Club

University staff and students can join City Car Club for business or personal use at a significantly discounted rate.

City Car Club provides a cost effective, short-term, self service car hire service, without the need to go to a rental location to pick up a car. It is a cost effective alternative to owning a car, removing the hassle of ownership and an effective way of reducing your carbon footprint.

Becoming a member of the City Car Club allows you to drive a new car, from over 100 specified locations throughout Edinburgh (and other cities in the UK). University staff and students can use the City Car Club for business or personal use.

The City Car Club owns, maintains and insures a fleet of cars which members can book by the hour, day or longer. City Car Club arranges all the tax, insurance, servicing, and cleaning.

Whether you are using the car for going to a meeting, visiting friends, going to the shops or going on a trip, City Car Club can provide a car for you!

To use City Car Club, all you need to do is:

  1. Register with Edinburgh City Car Club.
  2. Jump in the car.
  3. Enter your pin number.
  4. Drive away.


If you wish to use City Car Club for business use and for personal use, you will need to register twice. This is to ensure that separate accounts are created so that the University is billed for business use, and you are billed for personal use.

Whether you have personal or business membership, you have access to all the City Car Club cars in Edinburgh as well as in other cities.

Business use

Staff and students may use City Car Club at a heavily discounted rate for the purposes of work or study, by becoming a corporate member of City Car Club.

Personal Use

Staff and students may join City Car Club at a discounted membership rate for personal use.


Frequently asked questions about City Car Club.