Transport & Parking

Business use

Staff and students may use Enterprise Car Club at a heavily discounted rate for the purposes of work or study, by becoming a corporate member of the Car Club.

University corporate members of Enterprise Car Club may use a car if they have a requirement to travel on work or study business. This excludes the journey to work or study.

Enterprise Car Club offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly pool car service for staff and students.

It is especially beneficial for those who do not have access to a car, or those who have chosen to walk, cycle or use public transport to get to the University, but who need the convenience of a car from time to time.

Enterprise Car Club currently have vehicles in 19 cities throughout the UK. Members can access all vehicles which Enterprise Car Club operate.

The University hosts City Car Club vehicles at:

High School Yards, Infirmary Street - this is an electric Nissan Leaf

Main Library car park (rear of the building), George Square Lane - this is an electric Nissan Leaf

King's Buildings - outside the entrance to the Ashworth Laboratories - this is an electric Nissan Leaf

BioQuarter - in the QMRI car park

Plus there are over 100 vehicles in convenient locations across the city, many of which are close to University sites.


Enterprise Car Club vehicles must be returned to the location they were picked up from.

During a booking Car Club vehicles may park for free within any of the University managed car parks. There is no requirement to display a permit. At BioQuarter drivers should utilise the QMRI or Chancellor's Car Park and request access through the intercom at the car park barrier.

Where a space has been designated in a University car park for the Car Club this may only be used by the Enterprise Car Club vehicle that is permanently based there.

Costs and bookings

There is no joining fee for staff and student corporate members.

Cars are charged out at an hourly rate in 15 minute increments, with a small charge per mile.

Every car has a fuel card in it. Members fill up with fuel as required from any petrol filling station and the fuel card runs directly to the University Car Club account.

Your department will be charged directly by the Transport and Parking Office on a monthly basis for your use of the car. This will be charged to the cost centre you provide when registering with the Car Club.

Please note: charges will be applied to the single cost centre you provide when joining. If you need to record the journey purpose, or perhaps intend to assign the charges to a different cost center after payment, you may find it helpful to enter this information in the "Journey reference" when you make the booking.


The University is providing a 30% subsidy in addition to the preferential hourly business rate of the vehicle.

Please note that costs quoted are inclusive of VAT. The mileage charge is subject to change and may not be the latest. For up to date details go to the Enterprise Car Club website.

The University of Edinburgh Corporate Membership Rates (subject to change)
Charge type Hourly Rate
Small Car £2.77
Medium / Electric Car £3.47
Large Car £4.03
7 Seater £4.59
Van £5.01
Mileage Charge (subject to change) £0.22 (Car) £0.28 (Van), £0.05 (Electric)


Cars are charged by the hour and can be booked online at very short notice or up to one year in advance to ensure maximum flexibility. They can even be booked directly from the car.

Members access the cars with their own smart-enabled membership card. At the end of the booking, the cars are returned to the same designated bay they were picked up from (marked "Car Club"), so there is always a parking space waiting for you.

Members can even check if a car is available on-street by using their membership card. If it is available you will be allowed access to the car and can then make your booking using the in car computer.

Whilst using the Enterprise Car Club car for business use, the vehicle can be parked for free in any University managed car park.


Enterprise Car Club provides insurance cover for the use of their vehicles.

The excess is £500.

In line with the University's Motor Insurance Policy, the excess must be paid for by the individual's department.

If a vehicle is damaged, as a result of a third party, Enterprise Car Club and their insurers will recover any costs incurred by the University, i.e. the excess, and the department will be reimbursed.

For insurance purposes you must be over 22 years old to join as a corporate member.

The joining process

To register with the Car Club for business use, you should complete the dedicated University of Edinburgh joining form.

Joining form

  1. Enterprise Car Club will check your driving licence with the DVLA and confirm your business membership with the University, obtaining permission from your line manager.
  2. When registered, you will receive a business membership card, a membership number and a PIN number.
  3. Your business membership card allows you to access the Enterprise Car Club Car.
  4. Your cost centre will then be billed for Enterprise Car Club use on a monthly basis by the Transport and Parking Office. By registering with Enterprise Car Club on their website you are agreeing to the Enterprise Car Club Terms and Conditions and you are also agreeing to the University of Edinburgh's Vehicle Policy.

When should it be used?

Please give careful consideration as to whether the Car Club is the best choice of transport for your journey. To help you do this ask yourself the following questions:

1) Can you carry out this journey on foot, by bike or using public transport? If the answer is yes then do it!

2) Is the journey more cost efficient if you use a taxi? As a general rule of thumb: If your journey is less than 4 miles round trip but you will be out and about for more than 4 hours it is cheaper to use a taxi.

3) With the exception of the above, if you are going to be out and about for 6 hours or less then the Car Club is the most cost efficient choice.

4) If you need a car for more than 24 hours then a hire car is the cheapest option. The Car Club should NEVER be used for periods longer than 24 hours.

5) If you need a van for your journey, then the Car Club should only be used for 4 hours or less. A hire van is cheaper for usage of more than 4 hours.


For all travel bookings including vehicle hire suppliers and approved taxi suppliers please refer to KeyTravel via the Buy@Ed portal.