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There are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure safe cycling.

Cycling at night

You must use lights - in the UK it is a legal requirement to use lights on your bike after dark. You can be fined up to £60 if you do not use lights. The Highway Code provides details on the lights which must be used.

Wear bright clothing

Bright coloured clothing helps you to be seen. Reflective clothing is even better. Affordable waistcoats, tabards, or bag covers made from fluorescent and reflective materials are readily available from bike shops or online.

Cycling with confidence

Confidence in your own ability, spatial awareness, looking and listening to what's going on around you, and making sure you're visible are the most important things. These top tips will help you:

  • Before you get on your bike, check your bike, your brake blocks and tyres
  • Consider wearing an appropriate cycling helmet which conforms to current regulations and is correctly fitted. Whilst this is not a legal requirement in the UK, helmets can help prevent a head injury if you fall from your bike
  • Watch out for car doors being opened in your path
  • Consider the road surface, for example, pot holes
  • Be aware of other road vehicles crossing your path
  • When you stop at a junction, change to a lower gear
  • Consider that pedestrians may step into your path
  • Take care when breaking in wet conditions, especially on cobbles or metal surfaces
  • Ensure any straps from luggage are not hanging loose as these could get caught in wheels.

Spokes, the Lothian Cycle Campaign, has produced an advice note which you can follow in the event of a collision involving your bike.

The Highway Code

How to follow The Highway Code when you are cycling.