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Cycle to Work Scheme

University of Edinburgh employees can make savings on the cost of a bike and equipment for commuting to work.

The Cycle to Work scheme is designed to help you save money on a new bike to commute to work and to spread the cost of the bike over monthly tax-free instalments through your employer. The scheme can save you 32 - 47% on a bike and accessories.

The University of Edinburgh scheme is provided through Cycle2Work. Employees can select bikes and accessories from over 1,000 independent bike stores, Halfords and Tredz, providing access to over 98% of bike brands.

How it works

  1. Choose a bike and accessories from Halfords, Tredz or one of the independent bike shops who are members of Cycle2Work
  2. Once you know how much you would like to spend, apply online at Cycle2Work
  3. University of Edinburgh approves your application
  4. You receive a Letter of Collection so that you can collect your bike and accessories
  5. You 'hire' the equipment via salary sacrifice – and save 32-47% on the cost of the bike and accessories. You will have the option of salary sacrifice for 12 or 18 . The option for 24 months will be available in the near future.

At the end of the hire term Cycle2Work will contact you to discuss your options for ownership of the bike.

You make savings because salary sacrifice reduces your gross pay. This, in turn, reduces the amount of income tax and National Insurance that you pay each month. Savings are dependent on your personal tax code:

  • Basic rate tax payer 32%
  • Higher rate tax payer 42%
  • Additional rate tax payer 47%

Spending limit

Employees may spend up to £3,000* on the cost of a new bike and eligible safety accessories (such as a helmet, lights and lock). The scheme is strictly for the purchase of bikes which will be used for commuting at least 50% of the time. 

*Applications for values greater than £3,000 are considered and authorised on a case by case basis. Further information can be found on the HR Benefits sharepoint site (link provided in 'More Information')

More information 

More information, including eligibility criteria and access to the Cycle2Work online application process is available from the HR Benefits website: