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The University has 8 eCycles (electrically assisted pedal cycles or EAPCs) for staff to use. Four can be used for business journeys, and four can be borrowed by staff for up to a month, to try out as a form of commuting.

What is an eCycle?

An eCycle is just like a regular bicycle, but a small electric motor assists you when you pedal. This means you can arrive at your destination comfortably, even after cycling up a steep hill.

There are two sizes of eCycle in the fleet: small (best suited to people with a height between 5’3 and 5’7) and medium best suited to people over 5’8).

Why use an eCycle?

An eCycle provides a quick, easy, and fun method of transport between areas of the University. Using an eCycle means you can easily travel by bike to meetings at other University sites without needing to shower afterwards or wear special cycling clothes. It is also healthier and more environmentally friendly than travelling by car or public transport.

Panniers are provided to help you to carry belongings between sites.

eCycles for business journeys

Staff can book out an eCycle for a few hours, to use when travelling between University sites. Before being able to do so, staff must be registered and inducted into the system.

How to register

If you would like to use an eCycle you must read the eCycle Manual, the Risk Assessment and sign the User Agreement. You then need to attend a short practical induction to be shown how the eCycle works. After completing these steps you will be emailed details of how to book an eCycle using your Outlook calendar.

You must be competent at riding a bicycle to use an eCycle. If this is not the case you can attend a cycle training course.

Registration process


You must take part in a practical induction to ensure that you understand how to safely operate the eCycle. You will be shown: how to correctly fit a helmet; locking and unlocking the bike; fitting the battery and use of the battery; how to perform a basic maintenance check; and then a short cycle ride.

You will not be able to book a bike until you have been to an induction.

Contact your local eCycle Coordinator to make arrangements for your induction.

eCycle locations and Coordinators

Your primary point of contact is the eCycle Coordinator for the eCycle you wish to use. Staff may use any of the eCycles; you do not have to be a member of the department or school to which it is attached.

eCycle No. Size Location Department Coordinator
2 Small High School Yards ECCI / School of GeoSciences
6 Small Little France QMRI

7 Small Little France SCRM
8 Small 9-11 Infirmary Street Estates Department

Booking to use an eCycle

Bookings are made via the Outlook Calendar. Only staff who have signed the User Agreement and attended an induction will be able to make bookings.

eCycle “Try-Before-You-Buy” scheme

Staff can borrow an eCycle for up to a month, and use it for commuting to work. The purpose of this “Try-Before-You-Buy” scheme is to provide University staff with the opportunity to try out an eCycle for 1 month to help them decide if getting their own is the right decision.

If they decide they like the experience, staff can use the Cycle to Work scheme to get their own, with a discount of usually at least 25%.

How to register

If you are interested in finding out more about this scheme, please email

Depending on the availability of your preferred size of bike, there may be a waiting list of a few months.

When we have a bike ready for you, we will ask you to pay a £50 deposit (via ePay), which will be refunded to you when you return the bike. We will then arrange a time to meet, so that we can induct you into the safe usage of the bike and its accessories, and you can collect bike.

For further information download the FAQs

The eCycle project

eCycle is a project of the Edinburgh Further and Higher Education Transport Group that consists of a partnership between the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College, Edinburgh Napier University, Heriot-Watt University, Queen Margaret University and Scotland’s Rural College.

eCycle would like to thank SEStran for assistance and funding that has helped provide 22 EAPCs.