Transport & Parking

Central Area bike stores

The University provides bike stores across the Central Area.

The locations of the Central Area stores are provided in the map and table below.

Access to the stores is by key, combination lock, or University card and PIN. Keys and codes are supplied either by the Transport and Parking Office, or a member of staff local to the store.

Using your University card & PIN

In most cases, where a bike store is controlled by University card & PIN, all staff and students should automatically have access without needing to register.

Simply swipe your card against the reader, then enter your PIN into the keypad. If you don't know your PIN, you can change it by following the instructions here.

The exception is the Bristo Bike Store, where users must request access by contacting the Transport and Parking Office first.

Location Access Contact Other Info
Bristo Bike Store University card & PIN - users must request access Transport and Parking Office E-bike charging, bike maintenance station, showers, and lockers available
50 George Square University card & PIN Transport and Parking Office Bike pump available
40 George Square Bike Store, Windmill Lane University card & PIN Transport and Parking Office Bike maintenance station available
Buccleuch Bike Store, underneath Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre in car park University card & PIN Transport and Parking Office  
Chrystal Macmillan Building University card & PIN  
High School Yards (Edinburgh Climate Change Institute) University card & PIN Transport and Parking Office Bike pump available. This is the store in the quad behind ECCI, with the grass roof
High School Yards (Institute of Geography) Key Transport and Parking Office  This is the store contained within the building itself
13 Infirmary Street Combination lock Transport and Parking Office  Down alleyway between 9-11 and 13 Infirmary Street
9-11 Infirmary Street Basement Keyfob Transport and Parking Office Accessed via gate on Robertsons Close
Minto House, Chambers Street University card & PIN Transport and Parking Office At rear of car park
Carron House, Holyrood Campus Keyfob Speak to Holyrood Outreach Centre reception staff  
Pleasance Sport Complex & Gym University card & PIN

Pleasance Gym reception staff

Bike pump available.

Gym members should automatically have access via their membership cards. Please speak to the reception team if this is not working.