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Room Bookings and Room Allocations

Campus Contact


Phone Number

Easter Bush, BioQuarter and Western General


Rachelle Tansley  and Drew Howie

(6)51 6159 / (6)51 4600

Central Area, Holyrood and Lauriston

John Aliscio and Irina Hope

(6)50 2214 / (6)51 4285


King's Buildings Bob Kirkwood (6)51 4376
Student Society and Summer School Bookings    
Student Society

John Aliscio and Irina Hope

(6)50 2214 / (6)51 4285

Summer Schools

Rachelle Tansley  and Drew Howie

(6)51 6159 / (6)51 4600

Locally Controlled Space

Teaching Timetables and Timetabling Data

School/Department Main Contact Telephone Number
Biological Sciences Kathryn Fairfoul 509186
Biomedical Sciences Helen Kabes 514377
Business School Cate Shupe 514613
Centre Open Learning Summer Wight 514981
Chemistry Summer Wight 514981
Divinity Summer Wight 514981
Economics Summer Wight 514981
Edinburgh College of Art Jo Cross 514589
Edinburgh Medical School Helen Kabes 514377
Engineering Kathryn Fairfoul 508184
GeoSciences Cate Shupe 514613
Health in Social Science Kathryn Fairfoul 508184
History, Classics and Archaeology Jo Cross 514589
Informatics Jo Cross 514589
Institue for Academic Development Jo Cross 514589
Law Cate Shupe 514613
Literatures, Languages and Cultures Kathryn Fairfoul 508184
Mathematics Summer Wight 514981
Moray House School of Education Summer Wight 514981
Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences Cate Shupe 514613
Physics and Astronomy Jo Cross 514589
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Helen Kabes 514377
Social and Political Science Kathryn Fairfoul 508184



Name Contact
Leah McCourt 0131 650 6671
Adam Macdonald 0131 650 9169
James Slattery 0131 650 9263