Talbot Rice Gallery

Jacob Kerray | LOOKY LOOKY

28 July - 30 September 2017

I usually begin by nicking an old painting or picture, usually one that's not that famous or, even better, one made in a culture pre-renaissance, pre-fame, pre-artist-as-legend. I copy quickly, loosely and often badly. This gives me a composition and then the playing begins… (JK)


Jacob Kerray appropriates and intertwines mythical and popular narratives, references and symbols to create provocative multi-layered paintings and sculptural work. Weaving together his obsession with football, pro-wrestling and historic painting, he explores complex themes including the rivalries, rules and power structures inherent in both the political and sporting arenas, the consequences of colonial and capitalist greed, and how those considered or depicted as ‘Other’ are treated in society.


Everyone can play, but the game is rigged...


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