Talbot Rice Gallery

Fans, Vampires, Trolls, Masters

27 May - 3 June 2017

Preview, Friday 26 May, 6-8pm.

Open, Tues - Saturday 12-5pm.

Fans, Vampires, Trolls, Masters brings together the work of Masters of Contemporary Art students from Edinburgh College of Art.

Fans, Vampires, Trolls Masters @ Talbot Rice Gallery
Courtesy, Melpomeni Gaganeli

Broken democracy

Feeding frenzy

Indefinite postponement

Too wired to concentrate

Digital twitch

Continuous partial attention

Hyperbolic thinking

Fans, Vampires, Trolls, Masters (interim show)

The late cultural theorist Mark Fisher (1968 – 2017) has had a notable impact on students of contemporary art. Not only is his influential book Capitalist Realism (2009) taught – and a common sight among the busy recesses of the studio environment – but his writing offers counsel for those who need to recognise and avoid the repressive and now dispersed institutional models that lay in wait.

Writing under his blogging pseudonym ‘k-punk’, Fisher drew on caricatures to warn against the devitalising effects of both superficial enthusiasm and perpetual skepticism. Accordingly, Grey Vampires and Trolls are put forward as the dominant subjectivities of our present era. Grey Vampires, ‘feed on the energy of those who are devoted [to cultural production], but cannot devote themselves’.[1] Whereas, Trolls present a perpetual and ‘hostile distaste’ as a matter of pride. Both remain distant and dead to the fulsome identification of the Fan, the F-word reviled by officialdom.

Fisher’s voice literally appears within this exhibition. And his analysis of current cultural conditions and these predatory subjectivities offers a way to navigate the diverse works of this year’s Masters’ interim show.

Download the Exhibition Guide to read more and get to know the students:


[1] k-punk, Fans, vampires, trolls, Masters, [Website], 2009, http://k-punk.abstractdynamics.org/archives/011172.html, (accessed 6 May 2017).