Talbot Rice Gallery

Jason Dee and Norman McLaren

31 May - 5 July 2014

Pursuit of a Shadow

Jason Dee

Jason Dee

Jason Dee’s work reflects the transformation of cinema’s material origins, revealing the uncanny effects of a contemporary medium still haunted by its past. Where celluloid film was dictated by the mechanical time of the Modern World, digital technology allows images to be frozen, scaled, reversed and displaced - in Dee’s work to form enigmatic, autonomous portraits of a story world caught between reality and illusion. Pursuit of a Shadow featured new work and is the most comprehensive exhibition by this artist to date.

"There is no longer the transformation of object into image with digital projections; instead they are the shadows of shadows. The filmstrip’s material form becomes as illusory as the narrative worlds it once contained…" Jason Dee

Hand-made Cinema

Norman McLaren

Norman McLaren

As the main exhibition of McLaren 2014, Hand-made Cinema celebrated McLaren’s fluid - almost alchemical - creative process, screening examples of his films alongside the physical materials that made them possible. At its most experimental McLaren’s work, over 40 years on, is fresh and revolutionary, a reminder of the enduring possibilities of analogue film and animation.

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