Talbot Rice Gallery

David Rushton: Art As Conceit

15 March - 19 April 2014


David Rushton | Art as Conceit

Chris Park (c) Talbot Rice Gallery

David Rushton was a founding editor of Analytical Art. He subsequently worked as a member of Art & Language from 1972-1975, notably on the Art & Language Indexes.

Rushton began producing intricate scale models of art and social incidents in 1965. When he moved to Scotland a decade later he split his time between an analysis of art education and communications, latterly working on policies and legislation affecting a more localised TV in the UK. Since leaving Art & Language he has developed the making and display of 1/24th scale models of interiors to explore social conflict, art trade and new ways of working in art .

Art as Conceit features two models relating to factory and gallery work set within a confrontational industrial landscape. A version of this exhibition was initially shown as Motorshow at the New 57 Gallery (now the Fruitmarket, Edinburgh) in 1979.