Talbot Rice Gallery

Drawn Away Together

March 16 – 4 May 2013

Credit: Chris Park (c) Talbot Rice Gallery

Rachel Barron, Miranda Blennerhassett, Kevin Henderson, Paul Keir, Lorna Macintyre, Andrew Mackenzie, Jo Milne, Neil Nodzak, Malcolm O'Connell, Eric Schumacher, Alan Shipway

‘Abstract Art’, a term grappled with and appropriated by the 11 Scottish artists of Drawn Away Together has come to mean an art that, fundamentally, you have to deal with. Words on a website should not take the place of the works themselves; it isn’t about what other people can tell you. And saying this isn’t a case of bypassing or avoiding critical rigor, but rather of attending the bias that presumes artworks in-themselves are not part of a critical process. Painting, making and doing are thinking processes; a kind of thinking we probably need to take more notice of than we do. Where words can provide a notional indication of how you might get the most from artworks, let these words say that Drawn Away Together provided a platform from which to consider art as process of inhabiting the world, a visual, tactile and often tacit relationship between people and their material environment. As with the making of the work, viewing requires spending time with objects and images and allowing the resonant ambiguity of that experience to suggest things to the imagination and memory.

James Clegg, Talbot Rice Gallery.

A catalogue accompanies this exhibition and includes an essay by James Clegg, lecturer, writer and curator. The catalogue also includes statements by each artist.