Talbot Rice Gallery

Objects of Education

28 May - 25 June 2011

Image of knitted work

'Objects of Education' presented materials from across the University that have aided students learning about subjects as diverse as robotics, tectonics, Scottish folk heritage and the classics. The show reflected upon the didactic qualities of tactile, 3-dimensional forms and the equipment that has evolved with different conceptions of learning and teaching. The exhibition was researched and assisted by postgraduate History of Art students* from the University of Edinburgh.

* The students study a range of courses: MSc in the Global Middle Ages; MSc in Modern Art: History, Curating and Criticism; MSc in History of Art, Theory and Display; MSc in Scottish Art and Visual Culture 1750-2000; MSc in Renaissance to Enlightenment; MSc in The City.

Researching in the archives of the Anatomy Museum I came across a collection of small, canvas bags hidden away in a drawer. Each soft, dusty, fabric bag was intriguingly labelled. Inside were intricate, knitted or crocheted models of the human anatomy, colour coded and to scale. The objects are amazing in every respect; our present day wonderment about how they were used for teaching is enveloped in imaginative thought and their striking visual impact.

Pat FisherPrincipal Curator