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Dexter Sinister: Black Whisky (Screensaver)




Digital Commission

Talbot Rice Gallery has commissioned Dexter Sinister to realise a digital project entitled Black Whisky (Screensaver), that elaborates on research undertaken during their Randolph Cliff residency in Edinburgh in 2009. They have produced a new screensaver that will be freely disseminated across the University of Edinburgh/Edinburgh College of Art campus and widely to TRG audiences. 


During their residency at Randolph Cliff, Dexter Sinister carried out research to further an idea conceived with collaborator Christoph Keller, the founder of German publisher Revolver, to begin production of a twelve-year black whisky. The whisky is now in production, currently maturing in the Stählemühle distillery in the Black Forest in Germany and the first casks will be ready in 2021. During their time in Edinburgh, Dexter Sinister also created Black Whisky (Blind Proof) set on the letterpress at Edinburgh College of Art that functions as both label design and as a certificate of investment in shares to produce Black Whisky, a certificate that can be traded for a bottle after the 12-year period. At around the same time, the artists were experimenting with marbling techniques. Due to the marbling in one particular image resembling the churn of whisky, with a ghostly number 18 written into the mix, the image was also used as the cover of the 18th edition of Dot Dot Dot (a journal produced by the same duo, since retitled The Serving Library Annual), with the whisky label printed on the back. Ten years on the artists have created a software version of the black marbling, returning the oil and water to its fluid state that will change, mix and shift until the Black Whisky is ready to drink in 2021. The screensaver will be available for six months for audiences to download.


Click to Download

Share images of your desktop with the screensaver and share online- #BlackWhisky


  • (Mac applicable only. Please note that you will require a current version of OSX.)
  • The link above will download a disk image to your download folder. Double click it and it will mount like a hard disk. Open it up and double click the .saver file to install the screensaver which will open up your system preferences and ask you to install for this user. Click ok. 



Dexter Sinister (est. 2006) is a publishing imprint, just-in-time-workshop, bookstore and the pseudonym of Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey (UK) and David Reinfurt (USA) based on the Lower East Side in New York. The project was set up as a print production running counter to contemporary assembly-lines of large-scale publishing by working on-demand, utilizing local cheap machinery, and alternate distribution strategies and collapsing distinctions of editing, design, production and distribution. Dexter Sinister published the semi-annual arts magazine Dot Dot Dot from 2006-2011. In 2012, together with Angie Keefer they established The Serving Library, a cooperatively-built archive that assembles itself by publishing a journal that continues Dot Dot Dot’s eccentric trajectory. It consists of 1. an ambitious public website; 2. a small physical mobile library space; 3. a publishing program which runs through #1 and #2. http://www.servinglibrary.org/