Talbot Rice Gallery


Visits to Talbot Rice Gallery can help to support the curriculum, here is all the information you will need to get involved.

Visiting galleries can have a profound impact on the creative aspirations and achievements of pupils and their teachers’ and cite ‘memorable experience’ as an indicator of an outstanding curriculum

Ian Middleton, HM Inspector for Schools, National Adviser for Art Craft and Design Education’, Ofsted 2011


Schools workshops
Photo: Juliana Capes

We run an active programme of workshops for schools, working with experienced artist educators in collaboration with teachers to develop a workshop programme that integrates classroom learning with the themes and ideas of our exhibitions.

We can work closely with your school in both the Gallery and the classroom to ensure that the learning experience we provide is the best fit for the needs of the pupils, ensuring it is fulfilling in terms of the requirements of the Curriculum for Excelence.

If you would like to discuss a class visit to the gallery please contact or submit the register of interest form below:


A key component of the Curriculum for Excellence: Expressive Arts is the opportunity for students to develop their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of contemporary and historical arts within their own communities, within Scotland and beyond. Visiting a gallery is a perfect way to support this, students will be exposed to a wide range of styles and practices and will be provided with a unique and valuable opportunity to gain an understanding of different approaches to understanding and responding to the world around them.