Talbot Rice Gallery

Dear Future

Spring - Autumn 2017

Dear Future,


From Spring to Autumn 2017 Talbot Rice Gallery are working with Primary 6 children at Royal Mile Primary School on the project 'Dear Future' to explore ideas around communication, time, nature and how we impact the world we live in. These ideas will be brought to life by introducing the children to an artwork that takes an imaginative approach to time, nature and ecology: 'Future Library' (2014) by artist Katie Paterson (Edinburgh College of Art Alumni). 'Future Library' was  featured in the exhibition Between poles and tides, a show of contemporary acquisitions to the University of Edinburgh’s Collections which provided the inspiration for 'Dear Future'.


Looking through the lens this extraordinary artwork, children will be asked to think about how they impact their world and consider the importance of preserving it for future generations. The project will encourage them to think outside of their own daily experience to consider social responsibility, communication from the past and to look to the future and their role as citizens and custodians in the context of the wider world.


The children will produce writing and art as a result of Talbot Rice Gallery facilitated workshops and a visit to Edinburgh College of Art. Their creative outputs will be used as inspiration to develop a legacy piece of co-produced work that will improve a neglected area of the school playground. This legacy will take the form of a permanent installation co-produced by Royal Mile Primary School, Talbot Rice Gallery and Edinburgh College of Art.


'Dear Future' is being realised through support from The University of Edinburgh’s Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Talbot Rice Gallery and Royal Mile Primary School.


Dear Future