Centre for Sustainable Forests and Landscapes
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About the Centre

The  Centre for Sustainable Forests and Landscapes’s mission is to work with a wide range of partners to provide the critical interdisciplinary knowledge to deliver sustainable landscape management and policy development, with an emphasis on forested landscape mosaics.

The Centre aims to combine expertise from the public and private sectors, and across social and natural sciences, to guide policy makers and empower stakeholders to address some of the grand challenges in forest and landscape science and management.

The remit is broad, and the strategic directions of the Centre will be developed over the coming months in collaboration with other university staff and partner organisations.

The Centre intends to work with a range of partners in Scotland, Europe, and globally, to provide the critical interdisciplinary knowledge and training for the sustainable management of forested landscapes, while delivering new opportunities for economic growth and development.

In Scotland particularly, the launch of the Centre comes at an opportune time in view of the revision of Scotland’s Forest Strategy, Scottish government targets for woodland expansion within the context of Scotland’s new Climate Change Plan, and the challenges and opportunities of Brexit.

Globally, Scotland’s knowledge-based expertise and innovation, coupled with the richness of partners engaged in the forest and landscape sector, ensures that Scotland has considerable leverage in developing and delivering solutions for global environmental challenges linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Centre for Sustainable Forests and Landscapes will provide a hub for networking and collaboration, to catalyse the development and evaluation of new ideas, processes, and technologies. We look forward to welcoming you to the Centre.