Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Scope of the policy and expected timescales

Find out what travel is covered by this policy and when you will need to adhere to the policy

looking down the aisle of a plane or train, over shoulder of person wearing headphones.
The Sustainable Travel Policy is applicable to all staff, students, guests and visitors to the University.

Policy Scope

Once launched, the Sustainable Travel Policy will apply to you if you travel on behalf of the University:

  • Locally (e.g. in Edinburgh & the Lothians or another location)
  • Nationally (e.g. within the UK or within another country)
  • Internationally (e.g. where the origin or destination of a journey are not in the UK)

The Sustainable Travel Policy will directly affect:

  • Travellers
  • Those that book travel for others (travel bookers)
  • Those that invite guests or visitors to the University (Hosts) - including those paid under consultancy contracts, visiting lecturers or speakers and those invited for the purpose of academic engagement (such as to attend a doctoral thesis defence).
  • Leadership Teams across all Schools and Departments

Timescale for implementation

In order to ensure the smooth adoption of the Sustainable Travel Policy,  we are now working to embed relevant processes. From May 2021 we are completing a tender process for a single travel management service provider. This process is due to run over the summer, with a new supplier in place by Autumn 2021.

This tender process includes input from academic and professional staff from across the University. This travel tender group will: ensure we ask the right questions and develop suitable criteria for potential suppliers; evaluate and benchmark applications received from bidders; and support the decision-making process in order for us to receive the best possible service from our chosen Travel Management supplier. 

A date for launching the Sustainable Travel Policy will be available once relevant processes have been aligned with a new travel management supplier. This is expected to be in Semester 1 2021-22. We will keep you informed of any developments and key dates on when we plan to launch the policy.