Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Living Lab toolkit

In collaboration with Edinburgh Living Lab, we have created guidance on different aspects of running a Living Lab project.

The University as a Living Lab

For us, treating the University as a Living Lab means using our own academic and student research capabilities to solve social responsibility and sustainability issues relating to our infrastructure and practices. We collaborate with researchers and students across the University, and partner with Edinburgh Living Lab, an initiative set up by a team of academics from Informatics, Social and Political Science, and Design.

This toolkit is available either as web pages below or as downloadable PDF documents:


Identifying and formulating a project

Number 1
How to identify a project need and stakeholders, and define your approach.

Developing a partnership

Number 2
How to develop a partnership between researchers and practitioners.

Accessing and generating data

Number 3
Accessing data from the University, and generating your own data.

Ethics, consent and confidentiality

Number 4
What to consider in terms of ethics, consent and confidentiality related to your project.

Sharing data and findings

Number 5
Why and how to share your data, further research ideas, findings and recommendations.