Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Green infrastructure mapping

'How Green is Your Campus?' brings together a key non-governmental organisation in the city, Scottish Wildlife Trust, EDINA, the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability and students to develop a unique application.


Supported by a Student Experience Grant, this project could 'kickstart' a longer-term, innovative city-wide mapping project with links to the City Deal (Data Innovation) and integration with other projects such as Parklife and City Sounds, connecting to Edinburgh communities.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust has developed a paper tool for assessing the quality of green (and blue) infrastructure through a measurement known as the Natural Capital Standard (NCS) for Green Infrastructure.

This project will develop a unique application to allow the NCS to be calculated easily and efficiently and test it across a range of University developments. It will give students, and staff, who use the application a greater awareness of different types of greenspaces on campus and it will create opportunities for them to engage in making the University ‘greener’. This tool will allow students who are passionate about sustainability to connect with the University and have a voice, ensuring new developments keep student experiences in mind.

An innovative aspect of the project is the use of leading edge Geographic Information Systems to create not only a database of green infrastructure, but applications that leverage that data to create engaging experiences for the end users, including staff and students of the University.