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Archive: Energy Coordinator case studies

Find out about the experiences and achievements of Energy Coordinators. The Sustainability Champions network, open to staff and students, is our current opportunity for promoting energy saving at the University.

Below are some of the case studies of Energy Coordinators. They explain what initially sparked their interest in the role, what it involves, how they measure energy changes and what they think are some of the positives and challenges of being an Energy Coordinator.

Have these case studies have inspired you to take action?

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Case Study: John Mowat

ERI building
John Mowat, Servitor/Technician, tells us about his time as an Energy Coordinator, starting in 2014 when he started working at the University.

Case Study: Genevieve Robinson

Genevieve Robinson headshot
Genevieve Robinson, Raft guide, and Energy Coordinator since 2016 shares her thoughts on the role.

Case study: David Sterratt

David Sterratt, Postdoc in the School of Informatics, has been an Energy Coordinator since 2011. Here he discusses the role.

Case study: Caroline Foord

Caroline Foord, Facilities and Records Secretary in the School of Social and Political Science, became an Energy Co-ordinator in 2013 when she first took part in the Sustainability Awards, helping Chrystal Macmillan Building to achieve gold in its first year of entry.