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Climate research

We have world-leading academics working on research aimed at tackling climate change, examining everything from carbon management through to wind and wave technology.

Our institutes include:

Find out more about research projects at the University focused on climate change mitigation and adaption and the sustainable use of resources.

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Climate research in focus

The University of Edinburgh undertakes a wide range of research on climate change. Find some of the most recent publications below.

West Antarctic ice sheet melting: How the past can help to predict the future

Findings from a study are helping to narrow uncertainty around the future behaviour of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and its role in future sea level rise.

The TROPOS Project

Researchers at the Institute for Energy Systems in the School of Engineering participated in the TROPOS project, a European collaborative project to develop a floating multi-use platform system able to generate renewable energy alongside commerical uses, such as fish farming.

ESALA making concrete more sustainable

The Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA) has been encouraging students to experiment with concrete in order to make it more sustainable.

Soils could aid climate change fight

The world’s soils could store an extra 8 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases, helping to limit the impacts of climate change, a study suggests.

Carbon accounting: ensuring a greener future

In efforts to combat climate change, carbon accounting tools can help to steer us towards effective mitigation decisions, and away from poor ones. But what is carbon accounting and how can it help us to be climate smart?

Can plants help to prevent permafrost thaw?

Permafrost thaw, the melting of frozen soils caused by global climate change, could have potentially devastating effects on carbon dioxide levels within the earth’s atmosphere. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are conducting novel research into the potential role plants could play in helping to prevent this thawing from taking place.

Impact modelling: data for decision makers

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are involved in developing one of the few existing climate impact models in the world.

New technique significantly improves ability to map deforestation

Researchers at Edinburgh University have developed a new technique of remote sensing which will lead to a significant advance in our ability to monitor deforestation and land disturbances in tropical forests.

COP21: Videos and blogs

In December 2015 a group of Edinburgh's academics, students and policy experts attended the COP21 Paris Climate Summit. This series of videos and articles will help you to understand what happened, what the University did, and what the main issues mean.

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