Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Case studies and news

Read about examples of good practice to improve resource efficiency around the University.

Tackling food and packaging waste

  • Over 12,000 reusable Keep Cups have been sold in University catering outlets since they were introduced in 2011
  • Our waste cooking oil is recycled into bio-diesel

Sustainability Awards projects

IAD: using technology to support sustainability

Eco-friendly cleaning products with Sport & Exercise

'Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Packaging Project' with Easter Bush Campus Sustainability


All coffee grounds from University of Edinburgh cafes reused as soil conditioner

Coffee grounds to soil conditioner - University green space
The soil conditioner is used by the University's Landscape team to improve the quality of the soil on the University estate.

Easter Bush water bottle project

bottle it poster
Brian McTeir shares progress from Easter Bush's transition from bottled water to water fountains, and the strategy to reduce the amount of cups used at the fountains.

Marking essays electronically

Printing case study
Ian McNeill and Sue Renton at the School of Social and Political studies discuss how they improved the student experience and saved paper by switching to electronic marking.

An old incubator finds a new lease of life

 Welcome QMRI Panel Banner
Shirley Simpson at the Hospital for Small Animals, and Steve McLean at QMRI talk about how they saved money and space by finding a new use for old equipment.

Glove recycling in the School of Chemistry

Waste Management Officer Tim Calder explains the benefits to the School of Chemistry of implementing a glove recycling initiative.



Take our survey to help us reduce plastic waste in labs

TerraCycle recycling points established across the University


The University of Edinburgh signs 'New Plastics Economy' global commitment

Recap from the annual Resource Efficiency Workshop

University encourages reusable cups and bottles

Items from over 5000 students collected for re-use

Free water points being installed across University

2017 Waste & Recycling Coordinators share good practice at annual meet-up

University saves over £100,000 by reusing goods

University supports newly-opened Edinburgh Remakery

Old computers to be given second life

Come to the Reuse Hoose

CSE donate 120kg of clothes to local charity

PC Reuse project funded by Zero Waste Scotland


Circular Economy report published