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Gold 2019: Walking for wellbeing with the Centre for Regenerative Medicine

The Centre for Regenerative Medicine's Wellbeing Walks scheme aims to promote both physical and mental wellbeing.

Gold 2019: Good mood food with the Centre for Regenerative Medicine

The Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM) have achieved their gold award by promoting healthy eating and raising awareness about the link between food and mood.

Gold 2019: Planet positive printing with Printing Services

With plastic being a hot topic in the news, the Printing Services team attempted to find an eco-friendly alternative to plastic binders covers for their Gold Award.

Gold 2019: Virtual step challenge with Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility

For their gold award, the Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility team ran a step count challenge to encourage people to get active.

Gold 2019: The Institute for Academic Development go all out for sustainability and wellbeing

The Institute for Academic Development’s gold project focused on promoting sustainability, mental wellbeing and fostering a sense of community in the department through a variety of activities.

Gold 2019: Scottish Student Sport go plogging!

For their gold project, Scottish Student Sport encouraged their staff team to choose sustainable travel alternatives where possible, and created a series of sociable activities boosting both health and wellbeing... including 'plogging'!

Gold 2019: Stationery recycling with the Centre for Open Learning

For their gold project, the Centre for Open Learning worked to collect, recycle and redistribute stationery from the University to reduce waste and help share resources with the local community.

Gold 2018: Eco-friendly cleaning products with Sport & Exercise

Sport and Exercise cleaning products Innuscience
For their gold project, the Sport & Exercise Sustainability Awards office team addressed their cleaning products, to reduce plastic waste, release less harmful chemicals and improve staff wellbeing.

Gold 2018: 'Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Packaging Project' with Easter Bush Campus Sustainability

Easter Bush Sustainability Awards Gold project packaging
The Easter Bush team chose to explore ways to be more resource efficient in their Sustainability Awards Gold project. This included avoiding the use of 5,224 cardboard boxes.

Gold 2018: Developing and enhancing the open spaces within and around the Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine

IGMM gold award garden project
Through their Office Sustainability Awards Gold project, the IGMM team brought together staff from different areas, united by their enthusiasm for gardening. Read about their experience.



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