Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Previous winners

The Sustainability Awards, running since 2010, offer an opportunity for staff and students to make a difference and contribute towards the University becoming more socially responsible and sustainable.

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2019-20 recipients

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This year, we're celebrating winners of the 2019-20 Sustainability Awards online. Congratulations to all of the recipients in each category for their hard work to embed sustainability into their areas of the University and beyond.

2018 winners

Office Sustainability Award winners 2018
The Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability is delighted to announce the recipients of our 2018 Sustainability Awards.

2017 winners

Staff from Sport and Exercise win a special award for their Make Your Move campaign, presented by the rector Ann Henderson
The achievements of staff and students 'superheroes' were celebrated at the eighth annual University of Edinburgh Sustainability Awards.

2016 winners

Residence awards, sustainability awards 2017
Office and lab staff teams, student residences and groups, individuals and special projects were all recognised at the seventh University of Edinburgh Sustainability Awards.

2015 winners

It was standing room only for the annual Sustainability Awards Ceremony at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, where we celebrated the achievements of staff and students from around the University.

2014 winners

Sustainability Awards 2015
More than 200 staff and students gathered at the Playfair Library Hall on Wed 22nd April 2015 to celebrate the achievements of over 40 teams in the 5th annual Sustainability Awards.

2013 winners

Sustainability Awards 2014
For the third year, the lab awards recognised departments for their work in creating safe, sustainable and secure laboratories.

2012 winners

The hard work and innovation of nearly 30 departments was celebrated at the 2013 Edinburgh Sustainability Awards.

2011 winners

Staff and students from across the University were recognised for their efforts in promoting Social Responsibility and Sustainability during 2011/12.

2010 winners

16 teams and individuals were recognised for their social responsibility and sustainability achievements during 2010/11.