Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Attending events at the University

Information for visitors attending events at the University of Edinburgh.

When attending events that are taking place at the University, there are many ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Reusable bottles

Refill your reusable water bottle

By refilling your own water bottle you are reducing the amount of plastic that is being thrown away. The University has a number of refill points available across our campus, so you shouldn't be too far away if you need to top up during the day.

Find our free water refill points

Know your bins

Everywhere has its own system for separating waste and the University of Edinburgh is no different.

Know your bins Search by item

Travel Sustainably

When arranging to travel to Edinburgh, as well as when you arrive and are looking to reach your final destination within Edinburgh, consider how you travel. Remember that flying releases five times more carbon emissions per kilometre than travelling by train.

Travel in a sustainable way