Energy and buildings

The University of Edinburgh uses a mixture of on-site energy generation on campus which includes gas combined heat and power (CHP) and solar photovoltaics (PV).

Why are energy and buildings important?

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Heating and energy are a significant proportion of overall carbon emissions, globally and in the University. It's a huge opportunity to make change as the technology to decarbonise exists now.

Challenges include:

  • the size and distribution of the University estate
  • types of buildings (old and listed)
  • changing estate needs now and into the future.

Reducing carbon from buildings isn't all about installing new technology. The way they are used by occupants is important too, which is why we sometimes run educational and behaviour change campaigns.

Our Initiatives

Over £30m has been invested in low carbon technology on campus. The University is now looking to the future and is seeking solutions to further decarbonise our heat and power networks.

For more information on Energy and Utilities at the University, visit the Estates website.

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Energy and buildings