Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Be sustainable in the lab

It's easy to make your lab more sustainable. Here are some things you can do right now.

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Close your fume hood sash when not in use

Even if it is fixed flow, it is good safe practice to close the hood, and can reduce the amount of heated or cooled air escaping the room.

Manage your chemicals

Order appropriate quantities, check if there is already the same chemical available, check if others can make use of your unwanted chemicals and, if not, ensure they are disposed of correctly.

Clear out old samples

Do you need to keep all of those samples? Do your samples need to be stored in ULT freezers? Are you making best use of storage space? Freezers use a lot of energy - using space efficiently means less new freezers need to be added.

Switch off equipment wherever possible

Particularly on weekends and nights.

Be conscious of what you use and why

Plan experiments to avoid repeats, use minimum viable volume of chemicals and samples, and avoid using disposable sterile plastics if possible.


Find out how to dispose of items in the most safe and sustainable way on the Waste and Recycling website:

Advice on how to dispose of any item How to dispose of lab items

Raise awareness

Don’t pester your busy lab workers, but many researchers aren't aware of where savings can be made (fume hoods, cold storage, chemicals), and may appreciate your advice and encouragement.