Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Save energy at your accommodation

Saving energy at your accommodation not only saves you money if your bills aren't included but also helps reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Energy saving tips

  • Turn off lights and gadgets when you leave a room and there's no one else in.
  • Don't overfill the kettle - if you half fill a kettle when you want to make one cuppa you used 2.5 x the energy you actually need.  150% of the required energy is completely wasted each time!
  • Use a lid when you're cooking to speed up cooking time and save energy. Investing in a pressure cooker is even more efficient!
  • Use your heater efficiently. Make sure that only one temperature control is active at a time. For example, either have a window open or have the heating on - not both. The same applies to air conditioning and portable heaters. You might think that having a portable heater will keep you warmer, but it can interfere with the thermostat and turn off the central heating. Find out more about how to set your heater.
  • Report faults like dripping taps to the appropriate place for your residence (if you're not sure, ask your Resident Assistant). 

More 'quick wins' from the Energy Saving Trust

Residence Awards

Get support and recognition in making your accommodation more sustainable with the Sustainability Awards.

Find out about the Student Residence Sustainability Awards 


Winter shutdown

Student winter shutdown banner 2019
Everyone is reminded to make efforts to help save energy during the University’s festive season closure.

Big Summer Chillout

illustrated ice cream figure on blue background
Everyone is reminded to make efforts to help save energy over the summer.

Moving into private rented accommodation?

Energy Performance Certificates

Every private rental in Scotland should have an Energy Performance Certificate. There are different ratings from A to G. A is the most energy efficient, and G the least. It's worth looking at these when you're choosing your new pad to make sure your running costs and environmental impact are lower.

Compare energy providers

If you're renting and pay for your own energy, you have the right to change your energy provider without asking for permission from your landlord. Comparison websites can help you choose your supplier based on ethics as well as price. If you shop around, you can save around £200 a year. The recent rise in small energy companies means you now have the option of choosing from a wider range of ethical suppliers!